Flaming Cocktails

Certain cocktails definitely catch your Eye, just like the way they catch Fire! 

These cocktails are hot, exotic and tend to please your eyes as well as the hunger for a great cocktail.

There are certain parameters you need to consider when trying to make these flaming cocktails like the 

  • Safety measures
  • Right selection of spirits
  • Handling these drinks
  • Consuming the drinks

But, if you have experience in making cocktails, you should not find them hard to do. For example, you definitely need Overproof spirits like Rum 151 to make them burn.

Let us see some of the famous and must try flaming cocktails! Not to try at home making these. At least, try consuming them at a nearby bar where an expert bartender can make these for you!

Flaming Dr. Pepper:

Do Beer and Rum go well together? They do! In this cocktail its taste resembles that of Dr. pepper.

This is also a Bomber shot where you drop the amaretto shot glass after the rum is burnt into a pint of beer glass. Flaming Dr. Pepper recipe is one that you should try out! 

Flaming Mouthwash:

One of the great looking Shooters, Flaming Mouthwash actually tastes like a Mouthwash. That is because of the Creme de Menthe that goes in along with Blue Curacao.

The shot glass is topped off with Everclear which is then set to flame!

Flaming Bob Marley Shot:

A great looking, layered Shot, this Bob Marley shot is a mix of three different ingredients. In fact four!

Grenadine goes into the bottom layer, Galliano in the next layer and a mix of Creme de Menthe with 151 proof rum on the top, so that the top layer can be set to flame.

Get set! Go!

Flaming Liquid Cocaine Shot:

A simple, yet powerful and delicious Cocktail, this Liquid Cocaine shot is made with Jagermeister and Goldschlager (or) Rumplemintz (peppermint schnapps).

It is then topped with Bacardi 151 to set it aflame. 

Blue Caribbean Shot:

As you may have guessed, this has Coconut Rum which is mixed with Blue Curacao and Lemon Juice and shaken well.

Then it is topped with Black Absinthe and set to fire!

A great way to start your night party!

Set the New Year on Fire:


A daring attempt to pair Scotch Whisky with Campari. Muddle mint leaves, lemon juice and Simple Syrup. Then add Scotch and float the whole thing with Campari.

The whole drink is then floated with Flaming Lime Shell, so we are not going to flame the drink itself.

Goblet of Fire:

What a way to name a flame!

This cocktail is a mix of Vodka, Lemon Juice and Blue Curacao. That is not all! 

The drink is layered with Overproof Rum and set to flame!

While flaming, you can sparkle cinnamon dust to add a new dimension!

Remember, this drink is prepared well in Tulip glass.

There are plenty more flaming cocktails, and of course, you can create your own with your imagination! But, be sure to know the basics right when it comes to flaming spirits!